John Kundtz Associate Partner, Sr. Global Business Development Executive, Sales Manager, IBM

John Kundtz

Associate Partner, Sr. Global Business Development Executive, Sales Manager, IBM

John Kundtz is a nationally published speaker with more than three decades of experience as a management consultant. He is a business development executive with a focus on complex enterprise solutions within multiple industries, including finance, healthcare, manufacturing, education, government, and nonprofit.

He currently serves as a member of IBM’s Global Cloud Services Brokerage Center of Competency in the role of Associate Partner. In this capacity, John works with clients on large complex initiatives across the globe. His team of experienced consultants, architects and project managers assist clients with IT transformation and complex data center optimization engagements. This team also leads the development and creation of the methodologies and techniques required for successful cloud services brokerage, IT transformation and data center optimization, including the transformation activities and the tools needed to develop the best solution at the lowest cost.

Before joining IBM’s Global Center of Competency, John led a team of U.S.-based Data Center Specialists. John and his team were responsible for helping clients identify requirements, assess current capabilities and review best options for their data centers. This included consulting and implementation services to provide assessments and strategy input, updating and optimizing data center facilities and consolidating and relocating I/T equipment and overall IT and data centers infrastructure optimization, resulting in reduced costs and improved operations.

In 2010, while responsible for IBM’s Northeast Ohio Public Sector (healthcare, education and government) business, John was honored by Northeast Ohio Inside Business Magazine as one of the region’s most influential technology people.

Previously, John was a faculty member at IBM’s Executive Consulting Institute, where he served as a Methodology Instructor. During his tenure as an instructor and consultant, John worked in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and North America, and as a result, is well-versed in cultural orientation and cognitive styles required to conduct business in today’s global marketplace.

John has spoken and published a variety of topics relating to cloud services brokerage, data center optimization, smarter data center, analytics, as well as systems management and networking. He is well-versed in the business and technical issues impacting today’s organizations as they seek to leverage their IT assets for competitive advantage.

John holds a Bachelor of Science in Geology from Denison University.