Modeled For Market Traction

JumpStart helps corporations and research institutions leverage entrepreneurship to advance impact. We accelerate corporate and research innovation through a unique ‘outside-in, inside-out’ model.

“Outside-In” Innovation

We source and vet emerging technologies to help corporations solve existing problems. After solutions are identified, we structure pilot programs to prove market fit.

“Inside-Out” Innovation

We help our research partners identify and prioritize ideas generated inside their organizations. Once identified, we activate advisory services and resource connections to propel venture validation and commercialization.

Corporate Innovation: Staying ahead of the pace of change

Entrepreneurs are constantly seeking to disrupt markets by leveraging emerging technologies. If large corporation don’t see the threat before it establishes traction, they are at risk of losing competitive edge.

We partner with corporate leaders and innovation teams to identify, assess and adopt viable tech solutions that address market pain points. We work as an extension of corporate teams, often sharing co-investment structures to provide the capital necessary for development and testing. Once the technology proves value inside the organization, we support expansion to new markets, ultimately generating additional revenue streams.

A Structured Path for Commercialization

Research is a critical source for discovering new technology platforms and capabilities. From aerospace programs to healthcare systems and universities, we help researchers pursue opportunities that bring value to the markets they serve.

We partner to identify and prioritize the commercial potential of inventions that will scale along a clear path to market, and provide connections, capital and services to bring those ideas to life in real-world applications.


“[JumpStart has] a rigorous process when it comes to opportunity assessment.”

“They have deep experience when it comes to funds management and fund deployment, and really help us to think at a sophisticated level as to what success should look like.”

David Sylvan, UH Ventures

Investment Opportunities

JumpStart has a legacy of helping early-stage entrepreneurs start and scale great companies. Through our expertise and ability to invest capital into these early ventures, we are uniquely positioned to partner with corporations, LPs and other co-investors to drive regional innovation.

Our deep expertise navigating the venture environment and other investment pathways allows us to help corporates develop and launch commercially viable and investable technologies. We also partner to help identify new technologies or solutions that can solve challenges and evolve how business is done in the future.

The Healthcare Collaboration Fund, managed in partnership with University Hospital Ventures, invests in early-stage healthcare technologies and software applications.

Using a living lab approach, applications are assessed for commercial viability and powered through a pilot within the health system, testing assumptions and refining technologies before launching to a broader market.