Impact Driven

At JumpStart, we leverage the power of entrepreneurship, innovation and inclusion to fill gaps, solve problems and drive economic impact for the clients, customers, collaborators and communities we serve.

We are a team of diverse professionals focused on helping entrepreneurs solve problems, grow their businesses and create jobs in their communities.

JumpStart’s mission is to unlock the full potential of diverse and ambitious entrepreneurs to economically transform entire communities.

We work on behalf of our funders to convene individual organizations into collaborative networks who work together for greater impact.

Diversity as a competitive advantage

Creating inclusive economic ecosystems is not about charity.

Diverse teams routinely outperform those dominated by one race or gender and industries ruled by sameness will never be as innovative as they should be. Despite these facts, there remains a critical gap in funding and support for high potential, women- and minority-led businesses.

At JumpStart, more than a third of the companies we support are owned or led by women and minorities. In addition, we are constantly looking for new ways to engage with disconnected populations who have not traditionally reaped the benefits of entrepreneurship.