VIDEO: Predicting The Future Part One: How To Prepare A Financial Forecast

For young businesses, financial forecasting is often an overwhelming undertaking. Learning how to build and present financial projections that attract the attention of bankers and investors without venturing into unrealistic territory can be a difficult task to master.

On Wednesday, December 3, JumpStart held an evening seminar, sponsored by Charter One, aimed at conquering the numbers and helping business owners create a financial roadmap for success. Moderated by JumpStart Investment Associate Lamont Mackley, the event brought together an impressive group of industry experts with decades of combined experience in financial forecasting, banking and investment.

Participants included:

In part one of this seminar, JumpStart’s own Jerry Frantz teamed with LJ Evans CEO Larry Evans to outline the basics of financial forecasting. The duo also shared their best practices for building a forecasting model that works and making compelling yet realistic financial projections.

Watch part one below.