Say Hello To Our Inaugural Trailblazer HealthTech Accelerator Cohort Participants

Earlier this year, JumpStart Inc. unveiled an expanded suite of entrepreneurial support services for health tech and software startups. As part of these reimagined services, JumpStart launched the Trailblazer Tech Accelerator Program to empower pre-seed and seed-stage tech startups based in Ohio. The 3-month intensive program guides ambitious startup founders through fundamental growth phases, enhancing their readiness for venture capital investment through a proven curriculum, expert access and individualized advising.

The program rolled out with the HealthTech Accelerator, designed to help healthcare startups level up. It provides a deep dive into regulatory, clinical, reimbursement and commercialization strategies. From quantifying clinical and economic potential to building a roadmap for commercialization to navigating the regulatory pathway, the Trailblazer HealthTech Accelerator will help startups prepare for venture capital raising.

The launch of the Trailblazer Accelerator program received a tremendous response from Ohio-based startups, partner organizations and the broader tech ecosystem. Following a rigorous screening and review process, ten innovative startups have been selected for the inaugural cohort. Together they address important challenges like hospital staffing shortages, sepsis in inpatient settings, symptom relief in underserved populations, ultrasound access in rural areas and much, much more.


Apricity Robotics

Apricity Robotics is developing a cost-effective telerobotics patient care platform that leverages collaborative robotics and artificial intelligence to enhance cardiac ultrasound imaging. The platform will enable cardiac sonographers to perform ultrasounds remotely, bringing high-quality diagnostic capabilities to patients globally, no matter their location.
Founded by: Aaron Crookes



Asclepii is creating the next generation of tissue engineering through Artemis™, a revolutionary therapeutic platform that turns a $30,000 Stem Cell therapy into $300. The technology aims to tackle pressing clinical needs in the chronic wound space, helping to improve the treatment of medical complications such as diabetic foot ulcers.
Founded by: Franco Kraiselburd, Ixchel Robles Ruiz, Miguel Angel Fuentes Chandia, Santiago Kraiselburd & Daniel Katzman


Cool Comforts

Cool Comforts develops innovative products to address women’s unmet feminine care needs. Designed to alleviate symptoms like burning, itching and general discomfort, the products offer a safe and simple solution for yeast infections, vaginitis, menopause and more.
Founded by: Dr. Kesha Williams


Kilele Health

Kilele Health is bringing proprietary wearable biosensor technology for remote patient monitoring to reduce hospital re-admissions by directly measuring the gold standard biomarker for heart failure management. Kilele Health is empowering doctors and patients with accurate, real-time cardiometabolic data.
Founded by: Andrew Cothrel & Jason Heikenfeld


Machine Translation

Machine Translation is a SaaS company developing novel technologies that leverage machine learning to address antimicrobial resistance. The technology’s initial focus is on clinical and pharmaceutical applications.
Founded by: Cory Kromer-Edwards



MDBee revolutionizes healthcare by using AI to automatically generate specialty-customized patient notes, elevating the patient experience, boosting revenue and reducing burnout. The MDBee technology offers a range of services for both healthcare systems and clinicians to streamline and enhance medical treatments.
Founded by: Mohamed Aly


Radcliffe Watts

Radcliffe Watts developed Klär Lite, a cutting-edge, portable phototherapy device designed for plaque psoriasis, featuring easy setup, a touch interface, over 5000-hour LED lifespan, and customizable treatments for every skin type. The product alleviates the symptoms of psoriasis and provides a safe and effective home therapy.
Founded by: Dan Smith & Josh Smith


Rahm Sensor Development

Transforming Healthcare with Patented Sensor Technology, RahmSD creates advanced non-contact monitoring technology to help healthcare providers make more informed decisions. Using advanced sensors that use Doppler Radar technology to accurately track real-time movement and velocity of internal bodily functions, such as blood flow and respiratory rates.
Founded by: Vik Ramprakash


Sensate Biosystems

Sensate Biosystems is pioneering aptamer-based wearable biosensors for real-time biomarker monitoring to optimize human health and performance.
Founded by: Elliot Reed, Mark Chance & Elizabeth Berezovsky



TurningMode is developing AWARE, a new approach to providing actionable patient data to caregivers within their existing workflow aimed at reducing nurse burnout and mitigating care delays for deteriorating patients. AWARE will help physicians, nurses and caregivers take better care of their patients, while saving time and resources.
Founded by: Jorge Zapata