Introducing Our Trailblazer Software Accelerator Cohort 1 Participants

JumpStart is launching the first Trailblazer Software Accelerator this month. During the program, 10 innovative tech startups will receive comprehensive support as they take significant steps toward scaling their startup and preparing for venture capital investment.

The accelerator program provides direct access to experienced entrepreneurs and industry-specific advisors, allowing these startups to concentrate on crucial business and product development strategies to validate product-market fit and achieve important go-to-market milestones.

There was an overwhelmingly positive response to the Trailblazer Software Accelerator, with a record number of applications. Applicants went through a rigorous screening and review process to make it to the final round.

We are thrilled to announce 10 of the most promising software startups in our region who are participating in the inaugural Trailblazer Software Accelerator cohort.



CleverApply simplifies the complexities of international student recruitment by offering a streamlined platform that automates processes including application tracking, communication, invoicing, and data management. This makes it easier for educational institutions to grow their international student community and enables agents to effectively manage their recruitment efforts.

Founded by: Jahan Ghaznavi



CoMarket is a SaaS platform that simplifies and streamlines the Coop Marketing management process for companies to better manage their programs. This comprehensive platform revolutionizes coop marketing, empowering businesses to collaborate and maximize their marketing impact seamlessly

Founded by: Jeff McCandless



DataMeld is a Performant Intelligent Document Processing for Healthcare Indexing using AI. DataMeld helps Healthcare Information Management systems automate their classification and verification process saving index users time and getting documents quickly to their next step which can include billing, patient care, and legal.

Founded by: Matt Hrudka, Ben Vanek



Havuh revolutionizes project management coordination and compensation between real estate agents and their preferred vendors. Havuh makes it easier for agents to go above and beyond by giving them the opportunity to be compensated by vendors for their project management efforts.

Founded by: Alex Shahidian, Bill Davis


Leaf Automation

Leaf Automation is a construction technology software company developing AI-optimized design automation tools for engineering next-generation power infrastructure like data centers, solar, EV charging stations, and battery storage. Professionals can use this software to automate their most laborious engineering tasks to reduce the time, cost, and strain of designing complex power infrastructure from within popular CAD platforms like AutoCAD.

Founded by: Evan Haug, Vikram Chundawat, Ben Trabold, Jake Prusky, Cooper Reif


Lyceum AI

Lyceum AI delivers a classroom-based two-way AI teaching assistant (Ellie) built around the teacher in the room that algorithmically personalizes instruction in concert with teacher-specific input to maximize each student’s engagement. Ellie provides real-time, research-based feedback to the instructor about that engagement, allowing them to work with individual students when needed, redirect class activity, and assess the classroom sentiment.

Founded by: Glenn Platt, Russ Hamer, Sam Parks



Permitly Construction Data is a generative AI co-pilot that enables companies to understand and interpret what’s happening in the construction industry – with the aim of bringing more transparency to the built ecosystem, enabling data-driven decision-making, and providing sales teams with more opportunities to win business.

Founded by: Dylan Aponte


SG Labs Inc

SG Labs Inc provides machine vision technology for automating barcode scanning and data capture for the logistics industry. This vision-based solution helps to solve the challenges of the traditional inventory management processes by streamlining and automating the inventory management processes leading to higher operational efficiency and reduced costs.

Founded by: Gaurav Goomer


Spokbee Inc

Spokbee Product Configurator seamlessly integrates sales with engineering designs and manufacturing so you can visually configure and sell engineered products online. Spokbee streamlines your quoting process, ensuring precision and efficiency at every step.

Founded by: Mac Cameron, Karina Cameron


TipCo Automated Systems

TipCo Automated Systems has developed an AI-powered virtual assistant, EVA that empowers Health and Human agencies to overcome their workforce and timeliness challenges. With a deep understanding of the complex demands and evolving protocols within HHS, EVA seamlessly augments existing workforce capabilities and ensures adherence to SNAP and Medicaid program regulations.

Founded by: Andrea Tipping, Greg Tipping