Should You Really Launch A Startup Overnight?

Some entrepreneurs have lots of time and flexibility to plan their new venture. Others have to get to market as quickly as possible. Modern technology has made it easier than ever to start your company quickly. The folks at TechRepublic even claim it could be possible to launch a new venture in 24 hours.

Can that really be true? Maybe a better questions is, “Should you really do that?” There are many tools out there that can certainly expedite the process:

Pushing Paper

After brainstorming and conceptualizing, much of a startup’s early days are spent maneuvering through legal documents. Getting incorporated and staying abreast of the latest local, regional, state and federal regulations can be a real time-sucker.

TechRepublic recommends using online tools like LegalZoom to help maneuver you through the process of incorporating your new venture faster than traditional offline methods.

Moving Money

When time is not a factor, you can shop around at brick-and-mortar banks and take your time opening your business accounts. But if you need it fast, online banks can get you started quickly. Most are also designed from the ground up with sleek, user-friendly online features, which could be a continual time-saver down the road.

When it comes to handling ecommerce transactions, most ventures eventually want some sort of full integration into their website. That takes time. For more of a running start, you could consider a Paypal business account. Combine this with a Square or Amazon credit card reader and you also have in-store transactions covered in no time flat.

Tackling Tech

In the beginning, some entrepreneurs choose to forego a dedicated phone system and run their new venture through their cell phone. Another option is Google Voice, which gives you the ability to quickly create a separate phone number and voicemail system for your business. It’s also free, which is always nice!

Even if you need to move lightning fast, a good website isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. For entrepreneurs with no development help, platforms like Squarespace are easy to use. If you have experience with web design or have someone to help you, WordPress is a popular and flexible content management system.

These are just some of the basic tools that can save you quite a bit of both time and frustration. But when it comes to launching a business, there are many factors to think about and consider. Researching  and understanding your customers, competitors and industry is absolutely crucial if you are hoping to attract investors. And so far, there’s no simple app for that!

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