Five Questions with Antonio Coleman of Game Speed Performance Academy

Game Speed Performance Academy provides professional training to maximize athletic performance. The business offers many training services, including 6-8-week post-rehabilitation programs for athletes. Sessions are structured to include dynamic warm-ups, flexibility, coordination and balance exercises; with a strong emphasis on movements to build stability, accuracy and speed.


What has been your biggest takeaway from the Core City: Cleveland Impact Program?

The marketing and administrative aspects were foreign to me before I came here because I did not work with those parts of the business. While I won’t directly be using those tools going forward, it’s valuable information to know so that when I hire somebody who will be working with those aspects, I can know what to expect.

Has anything surprised you about the Core City: Cleveland Impact Program?

I would say self-development is the biggest surprise— I’m really working on myself. When I work on the different activities and the homework, it’s really surprising how it makes me look at me. Right now it’s really showing me who I am.

What is the most important thing the program offers to entrepreneurs?

The most important part is all the teaching and learning. You’re going to know how to build your business by the end. The actual funding that you get at the end is minor compared to the information that you’re gaining through the actual program.

What advice would you offer other entrepreneurs who need help and are considering reaching out?

Get in touch with JumpStart as soon as possible. I would also recommend that they consider getting an advisor or a mentor—someone who can come in and show you a different way of looking at your business.

What are your future plans for your business?

I see this being a multimillion-dollar business. I also see it being a staple in the Cleveland area and possibly even other cities, as well.


Learn more about Game Speed Performance Academy at Then, come watch Antonio pitch his business live on December 4 for a chance to win up to $10,000 at the Core City: Cleveland Entrepreneur Showcase.