Entrepreneur Insight: Paul Hugenberg, InfoGPS Networks

The question is simple and straightforward—where is your organization’s sensitive consumer data stored? The answer, on the other hand, tends to be far more complex. Paul Hugenberg experienced the struggle of answering this question frequently while working as an IT consultant, so he took it upon himself to develop an efficient and effective means of providing answers.

In 2013, Hugenberg founded InfoGPS, a software service that continuously discovers, monitors and reports on data—thus enabling better security of an organization’s most valuable digital assets. Since the very start of his entrepreneurial journey, Hugenberg has been leveraging numerous Northeast Ohio resources to secure mentorship, funding and even an office space to grow his company.

The Braintree Business Development Center has been home to InfoGPS for the last two and a half years. Hugenberg credits Braintree with providing him and his team the guidance needed to take InfoGPS from idea to product, and introducing them to their initial sources of funding. Watch the video below to learn more about Hugenberg’ s entrepreneurial journey and how he is reaching his fullest potential with the help of local resources.

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