Angela Flowers Built A Business To Change Kids’ Lives

Angela Flowers has spent her career counseling at-risk kids challenged with mental health and social issues. Her years working in Cleveland’s public schools showed her the power of providing intervention directly in the learning environment. That set the stage for her to develop a business model to bring specialized support to as many kids as possible.



Angela’s idea was to build a network of licensed counselors and arm them with a thoughtful curriculum to help troubled kids thrive. Her counselors would provide services onsite at schools, giving kids the mediation needed at the right place and time to maximize impact.



When Angela reached out to JumpStart, she had the opportunity to participate in the Core City: Cleveland Impact Program, an intensive program designed to support the development of businesses in some of Cleveland’s most underserved neighborhoods. Through JumpStart, Angela received the advice, connections and funding needed to drive the growth of her business, Making A Difference Consulting.


“Making A Difference Consulting can now help hundreds of thousands of children, because JumpStart helped me see the possibilities for my business.”

– Angela C. Flowers, Co-Founder, Making A Difference Consulting



With help from JumpStart, Angela has hired 15 new employees and quadrupled her revenue in just two years. She’s also secured funding to further enhance her curriculum to prepare for expanding the business nationwide. Angela continues to hit every milestone she sets for her business. But, her real measure of success is when she knows that Making A Difference Consulting has impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of kids around the U.S.