“With all of the technical support, resources and consulting, JumpStart has truly lived up to its name. It helped jumpstart CardioInsight.” – Co-Founder Charu Ramanathan

CardioInsight was founded in 2005 by Charu Ramanathan and Ping Jia. The company’s non-invasive electrocardiographic mapping platform, the ECVue system, gathers electrical information about the heart from a proprietary, multi-sensor electrode “vest” placed on a patient’s body and combines it with images from a CT scan to provide 3D maps of the electrical activity of the heart.

Unlike conventional catheter-based mapping methods, the ECVue system is non-invasive and provides a view of the entire heart’s electrical activity in a single beat, enabling electrophysiologists to better guide treatments to localize arrhythmias, or optimize the placement and settings of CRT devices, such as pacemakers.

CardioInsight was founded to commercialize the electrocardiographic mapping technology born in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) and licensed through the university’s technology management office.

A close working relationship between JumpStart and world-class research institutions like CWRU helped connect the young company with JumpStart, who provided crucial capital investment totaling $600k as well as a wealth of business assistance. CardioInsight went on to raise more than $35m before launching their first product. In June, 2015, the company was acquired by medical technology giant Medtronic in a deal worth more than $90m.