Startup Scaleup 2019 Venue Spotlight: Thirsty Dog Brewing Company

Originating as Summit County’s oldest brewery, Thirsty Dog Brewing Co. brought to the Flats East Bank a one-of-a-kind taproom with its brews poured from dog-bone handles. Its walls and shelves are lined with traditional barrels, holding meticulously hand-crafted brews inside.

A diverse spectrum of award-winning, limited-time, seasonal and aged beers differentiates Thirsty Dog from its mass-market competition. Using only the finest of ingredients, each beer is meticulously hand-crafted and multicultural ingredients add unique flavors and aromas to each beer.

What else could you do with their beer besides drink it? The upscale pub also offers interesting twists on consuming the hoppy beverage as they use their brews in items like their raspberry-ale barbecue sauce, beer-battered caramel apples and beer chocolate mousse served in an Imperial Stout rimmed glass.

Want to get a taste of Thirsty Dog Brewing Co.? You’re in luck, because we’ll be hosting several Startup Scaleup sessions in this space.

Check out the event agenda to see the full list of Startup Scaleup sessions taking place at Thirsty Dog and register for the event today by clicking below.