JumpStart Employee Spotlight: Lee Poseidon

JumpStart Senior Partner, Entrepreneurial Services & Investing Lee Poseidon spends his days helping startup and scaleup entrepreneurs identify, focus on, and execute against their key, value-driving, business priorities. He also leads both JumpStart’s talent and mentoring operations and his decades of experience growing and managing businesses in a wide variety of sectors makes his advice highly sought after.

Recently, we sat down with Lee to ask him five questions about his life and work at JumpStart:

What is your proudest moment at JumpStart?
It’s very hard to pick just one. Overall, I get a lot of satisfaction whenever I am sought out by one of our clients as a trusted advisor; the sale of one of our portfolio companies Catacel Corp. to a strategic acquirer was a major highlight because of how involved I was with shaping that company’s board and leadership. Being entrusted to start and lead JumpStart’s Scaleup Services initiative is another big source of pride for me personally.

What do you find the most challenging at JumpStart?
There are so many great entrepreneurs and companies out there and so many of them that could benefit from our help. Picking the companies that have the potential to have the greatest impact and prioritizing our work around the areas where there is the greatest opportunity is never easy.  I wish we could help everyone reach their entrepreneurial goals.

If you could witness any historical event, what would you want to see?
World peace!

What is something on your bucket list?
My dream would be to drive a race car in the the 24 Hours of Le Mans (and win, of course). I’d also love to scuba dive for some yet to be discovered famous shipwrecks, like the Santa Maria and the USS Indianapolis—or maybe even some of the still undiscovered U boats from WWII; there is still an Enigma machine on the bottom of the ocean somewhere!

Which JumpStart value resonates most with you and why?
I think of both Results-Oriented and Customer-Focused as sort of one combined value for me. I thrive on being able to deliver results that increase the economic impact we can have in the communities we serve and on being able to exceed our customers’ expectations!