Celebrating Black Business Month

Every August, Black Business Month invites us to champion the more than 3 million Black-owned businesses across the nation. Black Business Month began in 2004 when engineering entrepreneur Frederick E. Jordan partnered with author and historian John William Tempelton to start the annual event.

Black Business Month was created to not only highlight Black-owned businesses in the United States, but to raise awareness of the unique challenges Black entrepreneurs face and to help shape and inform policy decisions that affect these businesses.

While approximately 10 percent of all American businesses are Black-owned, they generate more than $200 billion in annual revenue and support 3.56 million U.S. jobs. But, Black business owners experience disproportionate hurdles in terms of starting up and successfully turning a profit.

Challenges to obtaining capital are consistently listed as a top concern for Black small business owners. Research shows that Black-owned small businesses receive significantly less funding and have overall less access to capital, which can make starting and sustaining a new business exceptionally difficult. Black business owners also lack the community mentorship, networking opportunities and general supportive resources compared to non-minority merchants.

Black Business Month helps Black-owned businesses get more patronage and recognition. As consumers, it is vital that we be intentional in our support of Black-owned businesses this month and throughout the year. Support can come in the form of making a purchase, engaging on social media, making referrals and word of mouth.

Sourcing products and services from Black-owned businesses can help stabilize our communities and create more opportunities for everyone – from property ownership and meaningful savings, to credit building and generational wealth. Supporting these businesses is a way to strengthen our local economy by fostering job creation and revenue growth, all while celebrating Black culture.

Here are some notable Black-owned businesses JumpStart currently works with (click on the title of each to learn more):


LaunchArts Media has established itself as a purveyor of quality brand marketing through media and design services. Producing memorable advertising for area businesses, they pride themselves in being eclectic, representing brands of various industries.

Professional Inspiration

Chanelle Walker (CEO) inspires educators to greatness through professional and personal development. Professional Inspiration offers self-paced online professional development workshops from an educator’s perspective to help you thrive. Workshops are designed to give participants L.I.F.E. (learning, inspiration, fun and empowerment).

Lotus Candles

The Lotus Candle Company LLC is a Black-owned and operated family business creating hand-made candle products for candle lovers. They’re focused on their commitment to their customers, community and brand.

Rumor 9 Salon

Rumor Salon is a beauty, cosmetic and personal care business specializing in custom acrylic nail art and design.

Sugar for Brains

Sugar for Brains designs and creates unique wearables, interiors and tangible goods.

Center of Hope and Family Services

Center of Hope Family Services (COHFS) is a leading voice for removing barriers to achievement through culturally relevant and innovative programs and services that close the opportunity gap for those in need. By increasing access to high-quality education, mental wellness services, job readiness, family support and court advocacy, COHFS elevates life outcomes for low-wealth and marginalized children and adults.

Paws Play CLE

Paws Play is the first and only doggie daycare, grooming and boarding facility in downtown Cleveland. The facility provides a reliable, fun and safe place to care for each paw in-house.

Awake To My Soul

Awake To My Soul offers yoga classes and training combining a unique sound experience. Owner, Ylonda Rosenthal-Greene combines art and music into her yoga teaching by using a number of instruments for sound healing combined with her voice and vinyasa yoga.


Blended is a course authoring platform that connects professors with curated digital learning materials based on their course learning objectives. BlendED automatically adds content and technology to your existing syllabus, making your course ready for any learning environment.

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