Advocating for Educator Wellness: Chanelle Walker of Professional Inspiration

Chanelle Walker was forever changed by her decade as a public-school educator. She knows first-hand how joyful working with, and inspiring young people can be. She also remembers the burnout she encountered.

Chanelle launched Professional Inspiration to help other teachers combat that burnout. The Cleveland-based company empowers clients to embrace wellness and self-care by offering tools, courses and coaching to reduce stress and encourage healthy coping strategies. Additionally, Chanelle advocates for educator wellness at a systems level. As a result, her school district clients are increasing positive outcomes for their educators and students while improving retention of their most important asset: good teachers.

Fueled by one-on-one coaching and peer learning, JumpStart’s Small Business Impact Program gave Chanelle the support and confidence she needed to step fully into her dual role as teacher wellness advocate and established business leader. She developed business acumen to complement her passion and, as a result, took control of the profitability of her venture.

The ongoing support Chanelle receives from her advisors has helped her to evolve and expand her company, bolstering her vision to eliminate teacher fatigue and burnout nationwide.

Learn more about Chanelle and her story in the video below.