Small Business, Big Conversations: James Barnes of Immaculate Cleaning Co.

James Barnes is building an empire, one mop bucket at a time. A Cleveland-area native, James’s entrepreneurial spark ignited early, propelling him into a journey of creating a business centered around his customer’s every need. It wasn’t long before 2011 saw the rise of Immaculate Cleaning Co., quickly becoming the gold standard for janitorial services in Greater Cleveland.

But James didn’t just aim for clean spaces; he aspired for perfection, tailoring each service plan to match the unique needs of every client.

Through consistent feedback and an unyielding commitment to excellence, Immaculate Cleaning Co ensures its standards never waver. The secret to their success? A blend of innovation, deep-rooted client relationships, and rigorous training – elements that together form the Immaculate Advantage.

Watch episode six of Small Business, Big Conversations featuring James Barnes of Immaculate Cleaning Co. below.

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