Partnerships Fuel The Future: Read Our 2023 Community Impact Book

For years, entrepreneurship has fueled economic growth in Northern Ohio. Building on a groundswell of community support for local startups and small businesses, entrepreneurial service organizations like JumpStart are helping accelerate this regional transformation.

In 2022, the businesses JumpStart serves created nearly 11,000 jobs and generated more than $1.3B in economic impact.

But beyond the substantial economic impact, these numbers represent passionate, determined community members who are committed to our region. From local community partners and corporate leaders to tech founders and small business owners, these are the people who provide essential products and services, find solutions to industry challenges and solve real-world problems.

JumpStart helps entrepreneurs grow and corporations innovate by providing capital, services and connections to startups, small businesses and corporate innovation teams in 39 counties across Northern Ohio. This combination of resources powers the personalized guidance entrepreneurs need to start and scale their businesses. Our team of experienced entrepreneurs, business advisors, investors and subject matter experts help entrepreneurs identify gaps, establish milestones and map out next steps to prepare for new opportunities.

Since 2004, JumpStart has assisted more than 6,000 startup founders and small business owners, meeting them where they are and surrounding them with the people and resources they need to go further, faster. From access to capital and technical services to educational workshops and community-building events, JumpStart strives to make entrepreneurship more accessible and thus, our economy more equitable. With a special focus on supporting women, Black and Hispanic/Latino-led companies, we aim to drive progress toward a more diverse, inclusive and sustainable future. Our programming, events and outreach are designed to support the unique needs of our diverse communities. We offer bilingual advising services and partner with other organizations to ensure our communities have the tools they need to fully participate in the regional economy.

While we’ve made great strides, there is more work to be done. Accelerating entrepreneurship to enrich communities and achieve equity requires a continuous, collective commitment. We are proud to partner with the public, private and nonprofit organizations that believe in the power of entrepreneurship.

Read the 2022 Community Impact Book to learn more