Marking 20 Years of Impact: Become a JumpStart Supporter & Give the Gift of Opportunity

This year at JumpStart Inc., we are marking a milestone: Our 20th anniversary. Since 2004, JumpStart has been empowering entrepreneurs by connecting them to opportunities that take their ideas from concept to creation, grow their businesses and secure necessary funding.

Accessing business opportunities can be difficult due to disparities in wealth accumulation. Historically marginalized entrepreneurs often struggle to obtain financing and support services they need to grow their businesses. Studies show that these entrepreneurs are more likely to face systemic barriers that limit their access to crucial resources.

According to a report from the U.S. Department of Commerce, minority-owned businesses are twice as likely to be denied loans compared to non-minority-owned firms. Furthermore, the study found that minority entrepreneurs receive only a fraction of venture capital funding.

And with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that 18% of small businesses fail within their first year, and 50% after five years, support services and critical connections are essential for startup founders and small business owners. Business owners who have access to support and advising services feel less alone, more optimistic about their trajectory and more confident in their ability to navigate challenges.

Alongside our like-minded partners, we address these disparities to help level the playing field and promote a more inclusive economic landscape. Together ensure every entrepreneur – regardless of their background – has the resources they need to succeed.

Startups and small businesses are the backbone of healthy economies and strong communities. Since 2010, the small businesses and tech startups we’ve supported have collectively generated more than $13.3B in economic impact. However, these figures represent more than just fiscal outcomes – they reflect the passion and determination of entrepreneurs finding solutions to real-world problems and revolutionizing industries in our region. Their successes create a ripple effect in our communities, leading to job creation, taxable income and purchasing power.

But the path to success isn’t easy.  When entrepreneurs face challenges, your support enables our teams at JumpStart to step in and provide the services, connections, and access to capital needed to help them thrive.

As we light twenty celebratory candles and reflect on our legacy, we know the best is yet to come. We invite you to be a part of our next chapter.

All year long we’ll be commemorating our 20th Anniversary with special events, programs and opportunities. Join us as we celebrate the past two decades and Light the Candles, Raise the Match to ensure every entrepreneur, regardless of their background, has the resources they need to succeed.

Help us drive progress to a more diverse, inclusive and sustainable future for our communities by becoming a JumpStart supporter. Click here to make your donation today.

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