Making Hiring Personal: Beth Potratz of Drive My Way

As a seasoned HR professional, Beth Potratz is passionate about helping people find jobs that fit their lifestyles. But the way people work has changed drastically in recent years – and Beth understood that the hiring process needed to shift as well.

While consulting for a large carrier that needed drivers, Potratz realized that the trucking industry – vital to the economy and struggling to attract new talent – would be the perfect test case for the personalized, match-making recruitment service she’d been envisioning.

From there, the first iteration of Drive My Way, a SaaS startup that pairs CDL truck drivers with available jobs based on their qualifications and preferences, was born. After initial support from local entrepreneurial support organizations, Potratz partnered with JumpStart Ventures to scale her marketplace solution to hiring in the trucking industry.

With JumpStart Ventures’ support, Potratz accelerated her company’s growth from Seed to a recently closed a $4.4M Series A round that she will use to expand the capabilities of the tech platform to enhance user experience and corner the market on commercial driver recruitment.

Learn more about Beth and her story in the video below.