JumpStart Launches Year-End Giving Campaign To Help Tech Startups And Small Businesses Go Further, Faster

JumpStart is kicking-off its year-end giving campaign to expand entrepreneurial support services to tech founders, innovators and small business owners across Northern Ohio.

As a venture development organization, JumpStart unlocks the power of entrepreneurship to transform communities, helping entrepreneurs grow, researchers commercialize and corporations innovate. When startups and small businesses face roadblocks, JumpStart helps move them forward by providing capital, services and connections.

Startups and small businesses are the heartbeats of a thriving community; they spark positive change for equitable and transformative economic impact. In 2021, startups and small businesses supported by JumpStart contributed over $1.2 billion in economic output, including 10,974 jobs and $715 million in wages that supported 7,311 households.

Entrepreneurship is an essential catalyst for change in local economies, and it can benefit everyone – inclusive economic growth strengthens our regional resiliency and enhances the well-being of our diverse communities. JumpStart helps to create equitable access to business growth opportunities, wealth creation and support systems by providing critical resources for entrepreneurs that have been disproportionally impacted by historical and systemic barriers.

Together, we can make a real difference in our communities. A contribution to JumpStart helps support entrepreneurs stabilizing the local economy and generating wealth and opportunities for everyone. By making a tax-deductible charitable gift, you’re helping them to chart the course forward.

Let’s go further, faster, together.

Visit support.jumpstartinc.org