Building Solutions For Enterprise Influencers: Joshua Reid of Inphlu

No matter what, Joshua Reid goes all in on his ideas. Be it developing a fitness program, setting up a coworking space or running a digital marketing agency, this drive has fueled his passion projects and built businesses from the ground up.

Most recently, Joshua founded lnphlu, an Ohio-based social media automation platform that enables businesses to harness the power of employee advocacy online. Using artificial intelligence, lnphlu reduces the time required for brands to manage social media platforms by 90 percent.

As a former multi-sport college athlete, Joshua studies business like he would his competition in a game. He applies the same tenacity he used playing football to his startup, researching market opportunities and pain points, and identifying advisors who could coach him on his shortcomings. Joshua’s hustle was not lost on the JumpStart Ventures team; in fact, his ambitious nature sealed the deal.

With solid support and value-added capital from JumpStart, lnphlu has been growing steadily, integrating new technology and acquiring major clients nationwide.

Learn more about Joshua and his story in the video below.