Five Questions With Eduardo Rodriguez of Café Social Latinoamericano

Café Social coffee shop offers exclusively sourced coffee from Latin America and culturally inspired desserts. Eduardo offers not only a place for authentic café favorites but a place in the city for sharing and learning about Latin American cultures and ideas. 


How did you COME UP WITH THE concept for your business?

The name comes from a tradition that we had in Mexico. On Thursday afternoons, some friends and I would have a “café social” or a social gathering with coffee to talk about movies, books, arts and politics.  With Cafe’ Social, we made it not just Mexican, we made it Latin American, so it’s open to everyone. 


What motivated you to apply for the Impact Program?

After three years of growth, I wanted my business to be on another level and I was looking for how to grow my business after the COVID pandemic. So, a friend told me about this program, where I could learn and know more about myself, my business and see how I can take my business to another level.


What is something that you learned during your time in the Impact Program that made a difference in your business right away?

I realized that I have not been paying much attention to marketing and advertising. Learning of its importance from the program has encouraged me to begin to pay more attention to this area of business.


What was your favorite part of your time in the program?

What I most enjoyed and learned most from was the presentation of the guest speakers and learning more about my business.


What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs? 

Set your goals high. The Impact Program and your advisors can help you make them more achievable. 


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