10 Reasons Why “Good Old Email” Is Still the Best

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, trends come and go. But amidst the never-ending stream of fleeting fads and emerging technologies, email remains a constant and effective tool for increasing brand awareness and driving actionable conversions.

But Freddie, it’s 2023… surely Ray Tomlinson’s 52-year-old ARPANET messaging system can’t still be the top dog in digital communications, right?

It can. And don’t call me Shirley.

Let’s dive into the top 10 reasons why good old email is still an unmatched force in the digital marketing realm.

1. Unrivaled Personalization

With email, businesses can create content tailored to individual preferences and previous interactions. This personal touch fosters connection and often leads to higher conversion rates. Think of it as getting a custom-made suit instead of an one off-the-rack one.

2. Direct Control, No Algorithms

While social media reach is dictated and directly affected by ever-changing algorithms, email reaches the recipient directly. There’s no all-powerful digital middleman deciding which content gets visibility and when.

3. Incredible Cost-Efficiency

For startups and small businesses, every dollar counts. Email offers a cost-effective way to reach a broad audience without straining your budget. Like all things, you get what you pay for. But if you want to reach a ton of people without emptying your pockets, email’s got your back.

4. You Own Your Audience

Your email list is an asset you own outright. On social platforms, you’re just renting your audience. With direct and consistent access to your database, you aren’t at the mercy of external platform changes (or Elon Musk’s whims).

5. Detailed Metrics at Your Fingertips

Modern email platforms offer deep insights from open rates to engagement metrics. These data points can be a goldmine of insight for refining your strategy and optimizing your campaigns.

6. Adaptability and Versatility

Launching a new product? Hosting an event? Email can be shaped to fit diverse content needs, driving conversions where it matters most.

7. Trust is Built-In

When someone signs up for your emails, it’s like they’re inviting you for coffee. It’s a sign of trust in your brand; that social contract is pure gold. And if you’re delivering quality content, you can nurture this trust, guiding leads to conversion.

8. Timeless Longevity

The whole list really boils down to this point. While newer platforms have risen and fallen, email has endured, proving its lasting value. Its widespread use and familiarity make it a remarkably reliable marketing channel. It’s like that favorite pair of jeans that never goes out of style.

9. Mobile-First Accessibility

Just under 50 percent% of email is opened on a mobile device, and that number grows each year. With email marketing, you can be sure you’re reaching your audiences anywhere and (maybe even more importantly) on their schedule.

10. Seamless Integration

Email isn’t an island. It seamlessly merges with and supports all your other marketing strategies, amplifying the reach and potential of each campaign.

While it’s essential for startup marketers and small business owners to keep an eye on emerging digital trends, it’s equally crucial not to overlook the tried-and-true methods. Email, with its myriad of benefits, has proven its worth time and again. As you navigate the constantly evolving digital marketing landscape, good old email remains a beacon of consistency and effectiveness.

The Fine Print: Email is indeed the GOAT for most marketers, but it might not be the best for every kind of business or objective. It’s crucial to understand your target audience, evaluate different marketing channels and pick the one (or combination) that works best for your specific context. In addition, I urge you to ensure you’re following email best practices. This means respecting privacy regulations, avoiding spam-like behaviors and continuously providing value to your recipients to foster positive relationships and trust. See you in your inbox!

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