Small Business, Big Conversations: Sharia Livingston of Living Rich

How do you prioritize a life on your own terms AND build a legacy of success for your family? Do what you love. Sharia Livingston has always dreamed of owning her own clothing business, but as a young mother, she opted for the safe bet and pursued a career in nursing. Her obsession with high-quality fashion never dulled and when her daughter was old enough to share her dreams, the mother-daughter duo launched their own brand, Living Rich, in 2015. Sharia Livingston and Sha’Miah Richardson are promoting a fashion empire, a vibe and a reminder to take a bet on yourself.

A combination of their last names, Living Rich is a lifestyle streetwear brand boasting comfort, quality and style. They offer unique unisex pieces that promote confidence and individuality. The business was launched as an online retailer but quickly evolved to a pop-up and ultimately a brick-and-mortar. Today, Sharia and Sha’Miah are taking Cleveland’s fashion scene by storm.

Watch episode three of Small Business, Big Conversations featuring Sharia Livingston of Living Rich below.

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