Meet the Participants of the Cleveland Small Business Impact Program’s Historic 20th Cohort

As JumpStart enters our 20th year, we remain steadfast in our mission of unlocking the full potential of entrepreneurship to transform our communities.

Launched in 2016, JumpStart’s flagship Small Business Impact Program is the region’s leading business accelerator that provides hands-on advising and industry-specific mentoring to local entrepreneurs. The 12-week program focuses on helping participants overcome key business challenges, prepare financial projections and set appropriate milestones.

Seven years and 19 cohorts later, JumpStart is proud to announce the participants of our 20th Impact Program. In celebration of our 20th anniversary, JumpStart has selected five dynamic businesses and doubled the top prize to $20,000. This increase underscores JumpStart’s enduring commitment to providing capital, services and connections to help local entrepreneurs grow and its dedication to advancing inclusive growth in Northeast Ohio.

Showcasing an array of talent and innovation across various sectors, these five dynamic businesses, selected for their potential to reshape their industries, are:


Jessica Davis
Rebuilders Xchange

Rebuilders Xchange (RBX) is reshaping the landscape of home building and design by redefining how materials are sourced and utilized. Fueled by a passion for uncovering value where others might not, RBX has positioned itself as the preferred resource for the DIY, design, home building and entrepreneurship communities. Their one-of-a-kind salvaged pieces let customers create spaces with style and character, while sustainably reusing quality materials and reducing environmental impact.


Dr. Brandi Rae Hicks

SERVE-U LLC is on a mission to empower nonprofits through comprehensive consulting and grant writing services. With a commitment to helping nonprofits gain a competitive edge and advance their crucial missions, SERVE-U LLC stands as a valuable partner in the philanthropic landscape. Under Dr. Hicks’ leadership, the business focuses on providing essential support to enhance the effectiveness and impact of nonprofit organizations.


Dr. William Washington
Washington Wellness Institute LLC

The Washington Wellness redefines mental health and wellness with a holistic and contemporary approach. Through services such as Hypno Therapy, Individual and Couples Counseling, and Cultural Therapy sessions, the institute provides dynamic and overlapping options tailored to meet the diverse needs of each client. The focus is on fostering well-being and resilience through innovative strategies, reflecting a commitment to modern and comprehensive mental health care.


Abbie SWisher
Crochet Kitty

Born out of a commitment to pet safety, Crochet Kitty took shape when Abbie Elando-Swisher, disheartened by finding rocks inside a torn cat toy, set out to create thousands of safe and enjoyable alternatives. The result has been a widespread spread of joy to cats, not only within Ohio but also across the globe. Crochet Kitty remains dedicated to ensuring secure play experiences for pets, emphasizing their commitment to the well-being of feline friends worldwide.


Melissa Garrett
UnBar Café

UnBar introduces a novel outlook to café culture, establishing an inclusive and lively community space. Acknowledging the growing awareness of the harmful impacts of excessive alcohol and sugar consumption, UnBar is dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals opting to abstain or moderate their intake. The establishment provides healthier alternatives, reflecting a commitment to supporting a mindful and balanced lifestyle.