Leveling Up In Style: Valerie Mayén of Yellowcake Shop

As a recent art school graduate, Valerie Mayén didn’t see her style reflected in the retail chains, so she created her own clothing line.

When a dress she designed didn’t sell quickly, she took it as a signal from the market and went back to the drawing board to create what would ultimately launch her fashion career: a coat.

Her entrepreneurial instinct proved correct, and her coats we flying out the door faster than she could make them. 

Years later, Valerie competed in Project Runway and launched her boutique, YellowCake Shop, soon after. Valerie continued to push her dreams forward, and when she connected with local entrepreneur support resources, her business started to take off. 

Valerie is an eager learner, and JumpStart has helped her obtain the business skills she needed to take her talent to the next level.

An early participant in JumpStart’s Small Business Impact Program, Valerie has continued to work with JumpStart as she scales her entrepreneurial endeavors. 

A savvy entrepreneur, Valerie is laser-focused on creating generational wealth for herself, her family and her community, and she’s helping others do the same through mentorship and more.

Learn more about Valerie and her story in the video below.