Downloadable Resources

From in-depth guides on creating financial forecasts and pitching investors, to templates for customer discovery and go-to-market strategy, you’ll find useful entrepreneurial materials available for download here.

Videos and supplemental resources by serial entrepreneur Steven Blank, which explore the process of customer discovery.

Learn more about your customers by formulating and testing hypotheses about your product/service and business model.

Create a financial forecast by using insightful examples and external links to helpful third-party resources.

This tool was created as a guide that reviews the process of planning and executing a startup’s go-to-market strategy.

This worksheet can help clarify your marketing strategy and develop a plan for reaching and engaging with your customers.

This guide provides real-world best practices for pitching investors—from the finer details of structure to rock star pitch delivery.

A guide to help entrepreneurs answer basic questions on structure, decision-making and dispute resolution (Provided by Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs).

A checklist of questions to answer before engaging a third-party developer as an employee or contractor (Provided by Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs).

A list of workshops, groups, advisors and funding resources in Northeast Ohio to help launch and grow your business.