Should Women In Tech Hide Their Gender To Get Ahead? JumpStart President Objects On National Stage

Many women saw red on Wednesday after reading a Wall Street Journal advice piece titled “Why Women in Tech Might Consider Just Using Their Initials Online.

Authored by a California-based “investor and serial entrepreneur” named John Greathouse, it urged women seeking tech jobs to “create an online presence that obscures their gender” to compensate for biases that tech investors and managers might have.

In addition to advising that women use their initials, Greathouse suggested women avoid photos in their social media profiles to ensure their work will be evaluated on its “inherent qualities, unclouded by preconceptions.”

“A gender-neutral persona allows women to access opportunities that might otherwise be closed to them,” Greathouse wrote. “Once they make an initial connection with a potential employer or investor, such women then have an opportunity to submit their work and experiences for an impartial review.”

Backlash was severe enough for the Journal to post a follow-up item the next day, and for Greathouse to post an apology on Twitter.

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