JumpStart Named a Target Circle Nonprofit Partner at Select Store Locations

JumpStart is pleased to announce that the organization has been selected as a nonprofit partner for the first cycle of the Target Circle Giving Program for 2023.

Now through March 31, member-shoppers can use the Circle app to cast votes earned from eligible Target purchases towards JumpStart to help us earn a share of their corporate giving.

“We are excited to have been chosen for the program and are really grateful for the opportunity,” said Mary Paxton, JumpStart Sr. Director, Advancement. “As a Target Circle loyalty member, I am happy to have saved up my votes for JumpStart.”

Based on Circle users’ set store locations, JumpStart will appear among other contending nonprofits for Target stores in 20 zip codes across Northern Ohio.

By voting for JumpStart, our supporters can help us unlock the full potential of entrepreneurship to transform entire communities. Every vote counts towards supporting our work of providing capital, services and connections to Northern Ohio’s startups and small businesses.

To vote, Target Circle members can open the mobile app or log into their account online. The Giving Program can be accessed under the “Community Support” tab, where users can find the number of available votes they have accumulated and a link to cast their votes.

The voting process is ongoing, meaning that the more votes shoppers earn on their Target runs, the more votes they can cast during the campaign.

Target Circle is a loyalty program that gives member-shoppers special savings and perks, and as of 2021, the opportunity to make a positive impact in their communities through the Giving Program. During designated voting periods, members can help choose which rotating nonprofits Target will award grants to through their corporate giving and philanthropy programs.

Working with their partners at in/PACT and the GoodCoin Foundation, Target researches and selects nonprofit organizations based on alignment of mission, community presence and internal vetting. Each participating nonprofit is guaranteed to receive a minimum of $200.