8 Cleveland Leaders Fly To Toronto To Learn How To Make Cleveland Blockland

Cleveland car mogul Bernie Moreno flew an all-star group of Cleveland leaders on his private plane to Toronto with one goal: get them to go all in on blockchain.

The goal wasn’t to get the high-ranking officials in business development and higher education to say “yes” to looking into it — Moreno wanted a commitment.

He thinks he’s gotten it.

“The conversation on the way back from Toronto wasn’t should we do this, it’s how should we do this,” Moreno said in a Tuesday interview.

New technology blockchain is an online ledger system best known for hosting Bitcoin and other online currencies. The burgeoning system can be used for hospital records, donation tracking — any list of records accessed and edited by multiple users simultaneously.

Toronto is a world leader in blockchain. The University of Toronto offers blockchain courses. The nearby University of Waterloo is one of 17 partner schools in a worldwide Blockchain initiative funded by Ripple, a California technology company.

In 2017, Toronto became home to the Blockchain Research Institute, which not only works on more than 70 blockchain research projects, but also educates business leaders.

It’s not exactly what Moreno wants to do in Cleveland. He wants to make the city an attractive place for startups to launch and earn Cleveland’s universities the reputation of leaders in offering education on blockchain coding and applications.

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