The JumpStart NEXT Fund is a $20M for-profit venture fund focused on early-stage technology startups located in Ohio. The fund is designed to make Series A investments typically in the range of $500k and $1.5M.


Characteristics that we seek for investment from the JumpStart NEXT Fund include:

  • Experienced leadership/teams that bring passion and relevant domain expertise to the venture and are intellectually curious, coachable, collaborative and motivated to succeed.
  • Sustainable competitive advantages resulting from patents, trade secrets, differentiated features/ business models and first-mover advantages.
  • Large addressable markets (ideally $1B or greater) that are experiencing rapid growth. Companies pursuing markets less than $1B can be considered in select cases and when there is credible evidence of rapid growth in the market.
  • Capital efficient business models that require limited capital to develop and commercialize products/services and achieve an exit.
  • Exit potential, i.e. expectations of creating a great company with a strategy to achieve liquidity for investors and founders.