We Know Top Talent

Whether we’re working with companies to find the right employees, or helping job seekers find great opportunities, our team is focused on matching the right people with the right workplace.

In addition, we also offer a variety of enhanced talent services designed to help employers locate, hire and keep the best possible candidates.

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Talent Recruiting

JumpStart helps high growth companies attract and hire the best candidates to build strong, entrepreneurial teams.

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Whether you are a high-tech startup or an established business with great growth prospects, you need entrepreneurial talent – the unique kind of talent that thrives in unpredictable situations, elevates under pressure and adapts well to rapid changes in direction.

At JumpStart, we know what top entrepreneurial talent looks like, because we work with entrepreneurs every day.

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Talent Placement

We introduce qualified job seekers to exciting opportunities at innovative startups and small businesses.

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Tech companies are always looking for new talent to help develop, test, launch, refine and support their innovative products.

JumpStart works with some of Northeast Ohio’s most exciting startups to attract and hire key talent. We advertise opportunities, screen applicants, and introduce qualified job seekers to fast-paced opportunities at fast-paced companies all over our region.

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Job Postings

173 Jobs

The JumpStart Talent Team helped companies fill more than 170 jobs in 2018.

Enhanced Talent Services

Going beyond the expected recruiting services to ensure your employees thrive and stay with your company.

Job Descriptions & Interview Guides

We’ll work closely with your hiring manager to create descriptions that are clear, compelling and informative. We’ll create a detailed blueprint for the entire interview process, including specific questions to help you screen your candidates.


Our work doesn’t end once your employee starts. Our experts will provide coaching and mentoring during the crucial first year of employment to give your new team member the best chance for success.


Bringing on a new hire is just the beginning. We’ll help you create detailed onboarding plans to get your new employees up to speed as quickly as possible and ensure they have a full understanding of their responsibilities and expectations.

Retention & Compensation Strategy

You’ve found the talent, let’s make sure you keep it. We have years of experience building customized employee retention plans based on a combination of salary, benefits, bonus structure, commission considerations and equity/stock options.