Startup Your Career

JumpStart provides students with the opportunities to gain valuable experience working for some of Northern Ohio’s most exciting entrepreneurial companies as well as within JumpStart itself.

Startup Internship Program

Over the course of this ten-week program, eligible students will be matched with JumpStart portfolio companies and tech-focused client companies. Interns will also engage in professional development and networking sessions, aimed at equipping participants with valuable skills to complement their experiential “on the job” education.

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Venture Internship Program

JumpStart’s new Venture Internship Program is designed to give students experience in the venture industry from a unique perspective. Venture Interns will learn to identify and assess technology use cases and market dynamics, informing the creation of new products, services and startups in Northern Ohio.

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A Win-Win Opportunity For Students & Startups

Benefits for Students

Engagement with JumpStart Staff
Learn what an entrepreneurial career path looks like, and get a deeper understanding of what’s happening in our entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Professional Development
Development sessions will compliment all of the hard skills that you’ll practice and learn during your internship, and will better prepare you for a full-time career post-graduation.

Networking Opportunities
Become a part of a community of interns, and learn from your peers about the work they’re involved in and the companies they’re interning with.

Benefits for Companies

Entry-Level Pipeline
You’ll be connected with bright, motivated students who will make great new teammates. Who knows, you just might find your next great full-time hire through this program!

Top Talent
Interns will be professionally developed throughout their program experience. (Which means you’re getting higher quality interns to help your business).


Student Eligibility Requirements
These programs are open to a wide student base, including those registered at or recent graduates from a technical or community college; incoming freshmen up to graduating seniors at four-year institutions; and masters or doctoral candidates in graduate studies. Students need to have an Ohio connection—meaning they attend a school-based in Ohio, or are an Ohio resident attending school out-of-state.

Is your startup interested in employing interns?
If your company is interested in participating in the Startup Internship Program, click here to contact JumpStart Talent Analyst Dave Thomas. We will set up a call to learn more about your intern hiring needs and discuss if your company is a fit for this program.