We’re Investors

We deploy pre-seed and seed venture capital to help entrepreneurs turn their innovative ideas into high-growth companies.

We invest in people. We look for entrepreneurs who demonstrate excellence in all that they do, have skin in the game and the ambition to grow aggressively. We’re also focused on funding diverse entrepreneurs to help us build a stronger portfolio and a stronger community.

Download JumpStart’s Investment Funds Overview and FAQ.

Venture Capital For Every Stage

We maintain the following funds to support the growth of high-potential startups and small businesses.

Capital Invested


More than $61 million invested by JumpStart into 125 portfolio companies

More Than Money

Working with our investing and services team includes many benefits beyond access to capital from our funds.

Connections To Capital

We can connect entrepreneurs to numerous other pre-seed, seed and early-stage sources of venture capital across Northeast Ohio and beyond.

Operational Assistance

We help our portfolio companies define their strategy, set milestones, understand their valuation and make the best use of their resources.

Extended Networking

We open the door to an extensive network of mentors and advisors to surround founders with a support team focused on their success.