Sales Ignition is a 5-week program designed for B2B SaaS companies that are looking for a hands-on learning experience where you will actively generate sales leads and streamline your sales process.

This is a “roll-up-your-sleeves” type of program that focuses on:

  • Acquiring leads
  • Converting them into opportunities
  • Closing new customer
  • Executing successful client engagement
  • Communicating success metrics

Eligible candidates for this program are highly motivated software companies in Ohio with at least one customer. The company must have done basic market validation: identified and measured a problem; quantified the pain the problem creates; and compiled some evidence that solving the problem will produce an ROI.

Please Note: To be eligible, you must be a software company and have at least one founder in Northern Ohio. Upon completion of the application, you will receive a follow-up contact where you will be asked to share more details on your idea and insight into your validation process and potentially share your company pitch.


Sales Ignition Program Application

Applications for the next cohort of Sales Ignition are coming soon!