Our Philosophy. Your Journey.

The entrepreneurial journey can be exciting, fun, and rewarding but developing a business is no easy task. It takes commitment, time and the right resources and tools to help you along the way.

This roadmap is a tool designed to help guide you through the initial steps of defining your business idea, to launching your business. It will help you think more critically about your idea, better understand the steps to take and why they are important.

More specifically, the roadmap is a tried-and-true template that identifies and guides entrepreneurs through each stage of developing a tech business. It’s comprised of tasks, tools and knowledgeable content created to enhance your ability to progress to the next stage and strengthen the viability of your business.

Click below to explore the stages of your entrepreneurial journey and to find the tools and resources to help you develop and grow your business.

You’ve had the brainstorm, jotted down the idea (maybe even on the back of a napkin) and now you are thinking about forming a company. The best way to lay the proper foundation is proving that there is a need and a market for your idea, and that starts with taking time to ensure you can articulate the value, prove the need, and identify who the first buyers for this product will be and what they will pay.

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Development Stage

You’ve validated your product and market and understand the nuances of what you’ll need to build to get your minimum viable product, or MVP, out the door. Now it’s time to go all-in on building your product, designing a go-to-market strategy and developing the operational backbone that will support you as you drive toward launch (and paying customers).

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In its simplest form, your launch should focus on getting people to use your product, either in paid or pilot agreements. This is your first real chance to tangibly validate all the work you’ve done to date, providing you the opportunity to test your assumptions around value propositions, buying cycles, product functionality and user demands.

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Acceleration Stage

To meet the demand for “land and expand,” you need to think very practically about how you grow your team to hit your targets. This is where your heavy lift in earlier stages pays off, as you now have a solid view into your markets and opportunities.

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