Ready to Bring your idea to the world?

Tech entrepreneurship isn’t easy. For first-timers, it’s often hard to know where to start, or even where to look for help. Leaning on people who’ve been through it—tried and failed and tried again—can save time, eliminate mistakes and produce a better product faster.

Ideally suited for a technology startup, the Entrepreneur Roadmap combines “always-on” resources to guide independent progress with customized coaching. This methodology has helped JumpStart advisors take hundreds of entrepreneurs from concept to launch and beyond. It includes tools and templates, subject matter deep-dives, “how-to” videos and quick access to industry-specific coaching.

The Roadmap guides you through four unique stages, allowing you to quickly get started no matter where you are on your journey.

It may have started as a passing thought but now you’re convinced your idea could solve a universal problem and launch you into the world of entrepreneurship. It’s time to test your theory and bring your idea to life. In this stage, you’ll identify prospective buyers, articulate unique value, assess the competitive landscape and nail down your feature set.

Get Started ➜

Development Stage

You’ve validated your concept. It’s time to shift gears from ideation to implementation. At this point, you’re ready to build your minimum viable product (MVP), create a comprehensive go-to market strategy and develop your operations plan.

Build & Test ➜

A product launch is an event to celebrate. It’s also where the real work begins. At this critical juncture, you will validate the work you’ve done to date—testing your value propositions, buying cycles, product functionality and user demands—so you can incorporate the data into evolving your startup and prove product-market fit.

Sell & Iterate ➜

Acceleration Stage

You’re gaining momentum and it’s time to consider how you can scale in ways that satisfy your customer base while branching out to adjacent markets. This is where your thoughtful approach to planning and strategy pays off and traction really kicks in.

Grow & Scale ➜