Wiretap Announces New Partnership With Perspicuity

Perspicuity, an award-winning Microsoft Technology Deployment Partner in the United Kingdom, and Wiretap, a leading innovator of solutions designed to enhance security and governance of enterprise collaboration environments, today announced a partnership to deliver extended security, compliance, and increased visibility into employee experiences and interactions for enterprise organisations deploying  Microsoft Teams and Yammer collaboration and messaging tools.

Aware by Wiretap™ complements traditional governance and compliance technologies by providing human-centric insight to enhance employee engagement and reduce unsafe behaviors on collaboration and messaging tools. The innovative and intuitive Aware platform monitors employee interaction through a behavioral lens, creating a more proactive, compliant and risk-aware environment aimed at preserving company culture and protecting reputation.

The Perspicuity, Wiretap partnership will feature:

  • Perspicuity’s holistic collaboration strategy for customers designed to anticipate challenges and offer solutions.
  • The Aware by Wiretap platform is now a part of Perspicuity’s toolkit, providing a solution to enable collaboration through Yammer and Teams for Office 365 customers.
  • Customers benefit by gaining a unique perspective and dynamic understanding of what is being shared on their networks, and how to maximize adoption at any stage of their collaboration journey.
  • Both companies add value and innovation for customers – increasing the number of active users, helping customers gain ROI from their Office 365 license, and speeding deployment.


Wiretap CEO and Co-founder, Jeff Schumann: “We are pleased to join forces with an outstanding and respected partner in Perspicuity. The deployment and integration of the Aware by Wiretap platform into the UK enterprise market will transform the way organizations use and gain value from their investments in Microsoft Yammer and Teams, and in turn create a more informed and engaged culture.”

Perspicuity Sales Director, Rupert Squires: “We’re delighted to confirm our partnership with Wiretap, the Aware by Wiretap solution sits perfectly within the Microsoft cloud stack from both a security perspective as well as driving productivity by supporting organisations to get more value from their investments in Teams and Yammer. We look forward to sharing the value of Aware by Wiretap with our customers through our Adoption & Collaboration Workshops.”

This piece originally appeared on Nasdaq GlobeNewswire.