An Overview Of Three Of The Biggest Deals In The Midwest

The Middle Corridor has quickly become one of the premier destinations for U.S. investment as living costs go down and companies like Apple are building some of their biggest operations in Texas. The 2.6 billion dollar sale of Indianapolis based ExactTarget to Salesforce in 2013 is just one example of the big deals that can and are taking place.

Cover My Meds
In the largest deal ever for a centrally based Ohio startup, McKesson agreed to purchase CoverMyMeds LLC for $1.1 billion.

This acquisition came about as a result of the hard work and effort put in not only by the founders at CoverMyMeds but also as a result of hard work from employees. Matt Scantland managed a team with entrepreneurial drive that didn’t ever fade and turned what was once an idea into a successful company.

And they did it all in the Middle Corridor, specifically in Ohio, where the startup community is beginning to grow and develop. CoverMyMeds proved that Ohio has access to superior talent and that was reflected in the company’s continued success. Other resources available to entrepeneurs in Ohio include the Ohio Third Frontier’s Entrepeneurial Signature program, favorable customers, and the ability to form meaningful partnerships.

Matthew Scantland, founder of CoverMyMeds, sees Ohio’s potential as one of the next startup hubs in the U.S. Scantland hoped in 2016 that Ohio would attract more investment and be seen more for the values it brings to the table for a company looking to place down its roots. Today, we can say that Ohio is growing and the proof is in a deal like this.

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