InfoGPS Locates and Secures Sensitive Data

Data is transmitted, stored and neglected across our networks every day. For most of us, this data is largely inconsequential and poses no serious risk. But for businesses dealing with sensitive information, a breach of the network is extremely significant. Customer data such as financial records, social security numbers and other private information, if left unsecured, would be at risk, leaving an organization open to the loss of public trust, lawsuits and a huge financial liability. InfoGPS Networks in North Canton, Ohio, designed a software solution to keep track of sensitive data to limit risk across networks and devices.

“We are not a company born from developers, we are a company born from the industry. I’m an entrepreneur who used to work in IT and was tasked with securing data on the networks I was responsible for. I needed to know where my customer’s data could be found on the network and if it was sensitive, so that I could protect it,” said Hugenberg, founder and CEO of InfoGPS. “I was at an organization that suffered an incident, and we spent a lot of time and money reviewing what assets or devices had been accessed, only to discover that no breach took place. I realized then that if we had a technology solution like InfoGPS, we would’ve found that out right away.”

The software company automates the discovery, classification and risk ranking of network data so that organizations, enterprise-level corporations and small businesses alike get a clear view of the sensitive data on their network. InfoGPS analyzes data and breaks it down so users can see what sensitive data exists, how much is at risk, the location of the data, and who has access to it. Unlike other software solutions, InfoGPS doesn’t make copies of data to index it or move it around the network, which can put the sensitive information at even greater risk. Instead, it runs in real-time across the network, never duplicating data but instead flagging it for further action at the source. This proprietary technology is unique in the cyber security industry.

The technology also assigns a real dollar value to data, letting organizations know the true value risk associated with each piece of sensitive data. This allows the software to focus more on significant risk points, and the IT department to prioritize the expense of resources like time and money.

InfoGPS is developing its innovative software solution as a member of the Braintree Business Development Center, a northeast Ohio regional partner of Ohio Third Frontier. At the incubator, they’ve received office space, help applying for grants, pitch assistance, access to capital from investors and mentorship. Through Braintree, they were also introduced to JumpStart and the Impact Angel Fund, additional regional partners of Ohio Third Frontier. The interconnected support systems have been crucial to InfoGPS’s development.

“We could not have started without Braintree’s assistance. Braintree introduced us to the entire network in northeast Ohio and helped us apply for grants we needed early on. I’m a pretty old school, bank loan, 60-page business plan sort of guy, but Braintree helped us realize that sometimes it takes a compelling 5-minute pitch. To be passionate and show your value to investors can be just as, if not more, convincing to them. This giant network of entrepreneurial resources is why we’re so excited for the future of InfoGPS.”

This article originally appeared on TechOhio on October 12, 2017.