enosiX Integrates Vital Business Data To Maximize Sales

Two major systems exist in sales to help drive company profitability: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and Enterprise Resource Platforms (ERPs). CRMs, such as Salesforce, provide a platform for collecting and sharing customer data to keep salespeople in the know and help them better sell to their customers. ERPs, like SAP, focus on the business side of things, handling critical backend information such as billing and shipping details, accounting information and supply chain management. enosiX in Cincinnati, Ohio, built a software solution to integrate the two powerful platforms to save salespeople time and boost business profitability.

“If you’re a Salesforce user and want to get information about a customer—delivery history, inventory information, real-time pricing to provide a quote—you don’t want to search a separate system,” explained Gerald Schlechter, CEO of enosiX. “In the past, you had to request info and then wait hours or days for answers. With our solution, we marry the two softwares and give them real-time access to this information on their tablets, computers or phones. Our customer studies show that we save four to eight hours per week of unproductive time per salesperson. The effect is huge, especially for organizations with hundreds of salespeople.”

In Greek, “enosi” (ένωση) translates to “union.” The X at the end of enosiX refers to “experience.” With the name, they’re highlighting the unified experience they provide between the two most powerful players in sales today, Salesforce and SAP. This integration, or unification, has been sought after by salespeople for years, but solutions have been complicated or unreliable. enosiX’s solution is natively embedded within SAP and communicates with Salesforce in real-time to share data between the systems.

The Cincinnati-born solution is employed by big name clients such as YETIVera BradleyDavey Treeand Schindler Elevators, to name a few. While they’re currently operating between the two largest CRM and ERP systems, the company is working to expand their solution to be compatible with Oraclesoftware and Microsoft 360 and Microsoft CRM solutions.

enosiX has attracted investments from several entrepreneurial resources in the state, including JumpStart, a northeast Ohio regional partner of Ohio Third Frontier. JumpStart helped Schlechter grow his team in the early stages and further develop its software-unifying solution. JumpStart has also helped connect enosiX to other key players in the startup community, opening the door to further investment. Schlechter says they feel very at home in Ohio.

“I’m originally from Austria. I’ve taken a roundabout way to get to Ohio, having consulted internationally for years and traveled a lot. I met my wife in Ohio while working in e-commerce, which led me to realize the need for a solution like enosiX. I decided to build one,” said Schlechter. “We were really lucky to get support right away from the investment community in the state and they helped us get where we are today. We have the big city feel without the traffic. I have a work-life balance and get to spend time with my kids. Running a technology startup in the Midwest is possible, and it’s profitable. We love being in Ohio.”

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