Banyan Technology Announces Update To Brand Identity

Northeast Ohio-based Banyan Technology, the transportation and logistics industry leader in live carrier connectivity, has completed a brand review and update. Today the company unveiled its new website,, along with a suite of videos and literature to support the evolution of its brand.

“The updated brand has been developed to enhance approachability and to simplify understanding of our offerings,” explained Chief Executive Officer Brian Smith. “For several years, the transportation and logistics industry has been making the switch from Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) between shippers and carriers to ‘live connections’, including APIs. We’ve updated our brand to help potential customers understand the tremendous benefits of moving to live carrier connections.”

Featuring the phrase “Live Is Better”, the company’s new brand emphasizes how efficient shipping can be when shippers establish live connections with their carriers.

“Real-time integration has become critical to long-term success for shippers and carriers,” said Lance Healy, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Banyan Technology. “With it, shippers are saving in excess of 15 percent on shipping costs, while carriers are able to better help shippers understand transit times and capacity. Without live connections, carriers are taking unnecessary risks related to pricing, and shippers are making business decisions based upon old, unreliable data. We solve those problems.”

Healy continued, “It’s important that Banyan Technology retains its established values and reputation as a leader in the market place, but at the same time, we wanted to push out a modern identity. We feel it’s important to let people know that live connections offer a competitive advantage, and that shippers, 3PLs, forwarders, and carriers can achieve those competitive advantages faster by engaging us.”

Banyan offers more than 1,300 ready-to-implement carrier APIs. These APIs are able to integrate with customers’ existing transportation management systems (TMS), or with its own TMS offering.

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