Banyan Technology Announces Expansions To Automated Volume Freight And Additional Platform Functionality

Banyan Technology, the pioneer and industry leader of live carrier connectivity, today announced the addition of increased functionality with automated volume freight rating and tendering along with extended platform features. These additions build on the most comprehensive and robust carrier connectivity platform in the industry.

Banyan first offered volume freight connectivity more than three years ago. The expansion provides increased standardization of inputs and shipping data, benefiting both shippers and carriers regardless of the client’s TMS.

“Shippers have come to expect full visibility in comparing real-time pricing, especially amongst different modes of shipping,” said Banyan CEO Brian Smith. “The Banyan platform is built on and optimized for live connectivity with all over-the-road shipment modes, including volume freight. At Banyan, we’re continuously driving new innovation to help our clients attain their vision of optimal efficiency and automation in freight management.”

Securing a volume freight quote has traditionally been a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. Shippers replacing manual rating methods (websites, phone calls, and emails) with Banyan increase productivity and instantly compare shipment modes, ensuring the best price for every shipment.

As part of the fourth quarter release, Banyan clients have seen added functionality in the platform, including enhancements to the parcel application, upgrade of the ClassIT National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) connection, and the addition product cataloguing capabilities.

“The industry’s appetite for greater functionality in terms of carrier connectivity and freight management automation is driving the development of these new tools,” said Banyan Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Lance Healy. “The recent expansions demonstrate our mission to help businesses improve their operational performance.”

Banyan’s automated volume rating and dispatch platform currently includes all major carriers making this automated pricing available.

“Mode and carrier expansions deliver immense value to Banyan clients,” said Smith. “We’re thrilled to deploy new technologies to help our clients optimize business operations, driving both efficiency and growth.”