7SIGNAL Announces New Intelligent Wi-Fi Roaming Analytics For Unique Visibility Into Wi-Fi Experiences

Today at CiscoLive, 7SIGNAL, The Wi-Fi Performance Company, is pleased to showcase Mobile Eye 2.0 for managing Wi-Fi experiences from laptops, tablets and other mobile devices in hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and large enterprises. The latest version of the software-only Mobile Eye solution introduces the Sticky Factor™, a proprietary roaming analytic developed by 7SIGNAL for quickly identifying devices on the Wi-Fi network that do not roam properly due to poorly performing wireless adapters and device drivers.

Troubleshoot reported Wi-Fi performance issues in less than 30 seconds with 7SIGNAL Mobile Eye

“Even if you have 200,000 devices across your global network, with just one click, we’ll tell you which devices, and what adapter-driver combinations, are the cause of your biggest network performance headaches,” stated Tom Barrett, President and CEO of 7SIGNAL. “That’s the power of Mobile Eye.”

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