More and more employers are struggling to find the right people to join their team. And the pain is increasingly acute as baby boomers retire and young, college-educated people don’t necessarily see Northeast Ohio as their post-college destination. Further, finding workers with the same experience as retiring baby boomers is virtually impossible.

The talent gap can be avoided if employers focus on filling their pipeline – finding the right workers and developing them as needed. A formal internship program is the best incubator of talent for your future workforce and a key retention strategy that will also help you to gain a competitive recruiting edge.

With Interns, Employers Can:

  • “Test-drive” potential employees before hiring them full-time
  • Ensure an employee fits with an organization before making the full-time offer
  • Increase the acceptance of job offers
  • Improve the retention of new college graduates – students who intern with an organization are more likely to stay longer, reducing hiring costs and expensive turnovers

But There Is More To It Than Filling Your Talent Pipeline…
you also get some fast, immediate results:

  • Good help without the time and cash commitment required to recruit a full-time employee, which can be especially useful during summer vacations and leaves of absence
  • Fresh perspective and innovative input on projects
  • Productivity boost, allowing more senior employees to focus on higher-value tasks

Relationship Building:
And, from a long-term perspective, you also get to promote your organization on campuses and provide feedback to schools about the content and quality of the topics they are teaching. If a student is not prepared for the work place, you can provide the vital feedback that schools need to develop curriculum, and therefore talent, that will meet your needs in the future.

Not A Lecture:
Facilitated by national expert Dr. Robert Shindell, you can expect a highly interactive workshop that will transform your internship and entry talent hiring and management practices!

Workshop Topics Include:

  • Understanding and communicating with “Next-Gen” Leaders
  • Structuring projects, assignments and tasks
  • Gaining organizational diversity through internships
  • Navigating the legal environment of internships
  • …and much more!

Registration Details:

  • For-profit registration: $299**
  • Nonprofit/government registration: $229**
  • Registration includes breakfast, lunch, refreshments and more than $1000 in materials. Eligible participants earn 6 Continuing Education Credits from HRCI and 6 Professional Development Credits from SHRM!
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