You Only Have Six Seconds To Make An Impression With Your Resume

Resume-FearHave you spent hours researching the best resume format? Did you stay up all night getting all the language just right?

If so, then you certainly aren’t alone; but even though resumes take many hours to create, the reality is that most recruiters only spend an average of six seconds looking at them when screening through a giant stack of job applicants.

Here are five quick resume tips to help you stand out from the crowd.

Start With Your Most Recent Employment Information

Your most recent/current employer is often the first thing a recruiter is looking for. Put it near the top of the first page of the resume with company name, job title, location and date of employment.

Don’t Bury The Contact Information

Don’t make recruiters look for the information they need to get in touch with you. Your phone number, address and email (use a professional email address, not one with your silly childhood nicknames) should be easy to find on the first page of your resume.

Keep It Short

Remember, it’s a career summary, not a storybook of your life. One or two pages is fine for almost all resumes. Be quick, clear and concise; and there is no need for complete full sentences; bullet points often work best.

Keep It Simple

Overall, you can really help yourself by making the recruiter’s job easier. A clear career history, with relevant job titles, employment dates and educational credentials should all be found within the first few seconds of reading.

No Distractions

Don’t let those precious first seconds be taken up with headshots, logos or other fancy formatting. Stick to the basic information and use the interview to wow them with your winning smile and creative personality.

Follow these tips and your resume will be ready for its six seconds in the spotlight. In the meantime, check out the JumpStart job board to find open positions at great companies all across Northeast Ohio.