Who Needs The Powerball When You Can Live In Cleveland!

OK, so you didn’t become an instant millionaire, but don’t despair – Cleveland is still one of the 10 Best U.S. Cities to Build Wealth!

According to a recent study from Fortune, Cleveland is the third best city in the nation to build wealth, trailing only Washington D.C. and Houston, Texas. The study looked at average net incomes compared to expenditures for each city, then factored in other variables like average debt, real estate values, access to education and the local job markets.

So, run and tell all your friends. Shout it from the rooftop of the home you can actually afford to buy – Cleveland truly is a great place to live, play and work!

You may not become a millionaire overnight with the average salaries here, but living in Cleveland offers a quality of life that many people prefer.  Coastal spots like San Francisco and Boston offer many jobs that pay well, but you’re also spending a pretty penny to live and play. Cleveland’s growing reputation for food, sports, culture and entrepreneurship makes our much lower cost of living look better and better every day.

As more people are attracted to Cleveland, word is spreading about our growing number of startup opportunities and tech based career paths. Some students may have decided to go to Stanford, NYU or some other campus near a beach – but increasingly, they are giving serious thought to “boomeranging” back home after graduation. Meanwhile, organizations such as (i)Cleveland and Summer on the Cuyahoga  are offering them unique ways to check out local hot spots, while offering connections and events with growing companies that are looking for new talent.

So, keep spreading the word about our amazing city and consider bringing a few of your friends along for the ride. There are lots of great opportunities to go around. In fact, you can find more than 100 of them on our JumpStart job board.