Richland County, OH

How JumpStart Helped Richland County Take The Right Steps Toward Economic Impact

Located between Cleveland and Columbus, Richland County, like many other rural regions has struggled to deal with two decades of vanishing jobs and general economic decline. To turn this trend around, the Richland County Foundation (RCF), a respected community voice with seven decades of history, decided to take action and enlist JumpStart to assess the region’s current economic state as well as help align community leaders around a set of strategic recommendations to help drive economic growth and create jobs.

Through JumpStart’s proprietary “regional assessment” process, the team identified the region’s current challenges and shared a strategic, results-driven plan to overcome those challenges.

To make sure this plan was executed collaboratively and effectively, JumpStart executed the “regional alignment” process, which allowed Richland County’s local private, public and philanthropic leaders to align on the current challenges they face and the tangible next steps the region needs to take to spur future growth and innovation.

Today, Richland County is making headway on the tangible initiatives laid out in the plan and the increased community alignment has already led to a new private-public partnership designed to fund and administer expanded workforce development efforts.

Download this PDF to learn more about how JumpStart helped The Richland County Foundation drive impact in their community.