Roberta Duarte Project Manager, Core City

Roberta Duarte

Project Manager, Core City

As Project Manager for JumpStart’s Core City: Cleveland program, Roberta Duarte is responsible for designing and leading outreach and community engagement initiatives in Cleveland neighborhoods, including Fairfax, Clark-Fulton, Buckeye, Detroit Shoreway and Collinwood.

Prior to joining JumpStart, Roberta worked locally and abroad, primarily resolving strategic issues related to health and education access. In 2016, Roberta moved to Cleveland to be part of the Cleveland Foundation Public Service Fellowship. As a Community and Public Health Fellow at The MetroHealth System, a nationally ranked public health care system, Roberta worked closely with senior leadership and a cross-functional implementation team on a variety of population health initiatives within Cuyahoga County.

Most recently, Roberta worked for Esperanza, Inc., an organization with a mission to improve the academic achievement and futures of Hispanic students, where Roberta recruited and developed programming for several outreach initiatives.

Outside of JumpStart, Roberta serves on the Hathaway Brown Alumnae Council, as well as the MetroHealth N.E.T. committee. She is also an active mentor in programs run by Esperanza, Inc.

Roberta graduated from Mount Holyoke College, where she focused on Global and Public Health Sciences, with a concentration in Social Behavioral Sciences.