John Gevisser VP of Business Development - Vitality

John Gevisser

VP of Business Development - Vitality

John Gevisser is a 25-year veteran of the e-commerce, gaming and loyalty industries and a world expert in gamification and behavior change in relation to the use of software and wearable device data. Currently, he serves as VP of business development for Vitality, the first and largest Wellness platform in the world.

As a technologist, John has developed multiple patents and IP sets, some of which is referenced by the globes largest gaming companies (including Microsoft and Microgaming). As a serial entrepreneur, he has started more than 7 companies, including Bet Stone, where he pioneered the migration of the largest online gaming platform in the world into retail operations and developed this business into the largest server-based gaming company in the world; Abbey Entertainment, which provided fixed-odds betting terminals and software that took 6% of the UK market within a year; Operation Lionheart, a social entrepreneurial business that helped feed 35,000 people daily throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and Gamma Fly, which produced groundbreaking software that focuses on the use of behavior change and wearable devices and successfully exited to South Africa’s largest Loyalty group.

John has degrees in Political Studies (Hons) and Political Studies and Economic History (B.Soc.Sci) from the University of Cape Town.