Bill Mooney Business Executive

Bill Mooney

Business Executive

Bill Mooney is currently retired, but has spent much of the last ten years as Vice Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Committee, Public Works Director and Councilman (including Chairman of the Finance Committee) for the City of Solon. During this time he has also advised two small companies on their strategy, planning and sale of the business.

Prior to his retirement, Bill worked for 25 years at BP. He started as a patent attorney, but did not remain in law for the duration of his career. Instead, he held positions within various departments throughout his tenure at BP.

He served under the chairman at company headquarters in London while working on corporate strategy, he led a small Alaskan crude oil sales team on the west coast and he was responsible for brand management and channel of trade management. In addition, Bill was the leader of a supply and trading group in the U.S. (responsible for buying and selling crude oil and petroleum products for BP’s four refineries and thousands of service stations) and he was responsible for the operations of BP’s one thousand company-owned service stations. Bill also spent time on a variety of other assignments, including alternate energy, acquisitions and divestments and new business ventures.

Bill holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University, a law degree from Case Western University and an MBA from M.I.T.